US rapper, R and B artists record in Israel

Published on Monday, 10 December 2012 by Webmaster

US rapper, R and B artists record in Israel
"I love the work ethic of the Israeli talents that I was introduced to so far, and that's why to me it's worth coming here to work," says Monique Baines.

Why did New York-based R&B singer Monique Baines come to Israel to do some special recording? "Because you probably get a lot done and also it's going to be quality," she says. "I love the people. Everybody is very helpful, very hospitable. They take you in and I love that."

Thanks to arrangements made by Israeli manager-producer Gilat Weinman, Baines came to Israel with rap artist Clap Cognac, who had met Israeli producer Meli One in New York.

"Meli One is one of the 'dopest' producers out here, one of the hottest producers in Israel. When he came to the States, we actually went to the studio, we clicked instantly and he said, 'Man, if you ever come to Israel, don't worry about anything, don't worry about studio time, anything. You are going to be good.' So I took up his offer," says Clap Cognac on this video.

"It was a dream of mine always to bring Israeli talents to America and American talents to Israel so they would find out about each other and have a kind of a cross-cultural experience," says Weinman.

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