US Ambassador to Israel: Israel, US strong partners in renewable enegy

Published on Friday, 01 February 2013 by Webmaster

US Ambassador to Israel: Israel, US strong partners in renewable enegy
While forging ahead on the path to popularizing renewable energy, the United States continues to find a true partner in Israel, which is capable of exporting its innovation to countries small and large, American Ambassador Daniel Shapiro said on Thursday.

“We in the US government are extremely interested in opportunities in renewable energy and environmental research, and we know that some of those exciting developments in Israel are happening here in the Arava,” he said at Kibbutz Ketura in the morning.

“We are pleased that we have partners here.”

Shapiro was on a visit of solar facilities in the southern Arava Desert – a day after touring agricultural achievements in the central area of the same desert, at the Yair Research Station's Arava Agricultural Open Day.

Guided by Avi Feldman, CEO of renewable energy financing firm Capital Nature, Shapiro then visited Yotvata, home of the emerging Israel National Center for Renewable Energy and the Shikun V'Binui solar thermal installation.

"The vision here is to create a big research center, where new startup companies can work," Feldman said.

The ambassador praised Israel as a leader in the development of new technologies, solar energy being just one example of this success.

"I think that Israel stands to be a real partner in developing those technologies for its own use, but also for spreading it throughout the world, especially the developing world," he said. "And there's no doubt that this opens up a lot of opportunities for science and technology and business and people-to-people cooperation between our two countries."

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