The Jerusalem Light Festival, June 5-13, 2013

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The Jerusalem Light Festival, June 5-13, 2013
Following the success of last year’s Jerusalem Festival of Light, Jerusalem’s Old City will once again form the magnificent backdrop for lighting installations, exhibits and tours in the Light in Jerusalem 2013 festival, June 5-13,  between the hours of 20:00-24:00. 

For this year's Light in Jerusalem festival, seven renowned international light artists will work alongside their Israeli counterparts. This year, the audience is invited once more to participate in a magical, free experience, and enjoy three trails of light: Orange, Green and Blue that will be spread across the quarters of the Old City, tracing a path between the light installations. In addition, a unique fair of light-body designers and colorful outdoor performances will enhance the viewing experience.

One of the festival highlights will be a rock circus and a new genre of modern circus never before seen in Israel that features lit elements, acrobatics and acting. The show, which will be performed twice daily in the Habonim Gardens, includes 13 segments that make up one entire performance with a storyline that revolves around a domineering circus master who tyrannizes his artist, forcing them to entertain, amuse, thrill and enthrall the audience endlessly. During the show, light flows, change erupts and a high-volume rock circus party is born. Show times are Sun-Thurs at 20:15 and 22:00 and Saturday at 21:00 and 23:00.

(Communicated by the Ministry of Tourism)

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