Obama to be Presented With Seven Amazing Israeli Innovations

Published on Monday, 18 March 2013 by Webmaster

Obama to be Presented With Seven Amazing Israeli Innovations
During American President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Israel this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will show the president a series of technological innovations by Israel’s high-tech industries in a special exhibit that will be set up in the president’s honor.

The innovations presented were chosen in five categories: renewable energy, the war on traffic accidents, medicine, search and rescue and robotics.

The seven innovations presented to Obama will be:

Phinergy: The company has developed an aluminum-air battery designed for electric vehicles, which allows a significant increase in travel range (three times that of a regular electric vehicle).

Mobileye: The goal of Mobileye, a global pioneer in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), is to develop and market vision-based systems that will help drivers keep passengers safe on the roads and decrease traffic accidents.

ElMindA: The company's Brain Network Activation technology (BNA), developed in association with Bar Ilan University, provides a non-invasive tool for the visualization and quantification of BNAs of specific brain functionalities, disease development and rehabilitation from injuries, reactions to treatment, psychiatric and neurological problems and pain

Robot Snake: The robot is designed to enter spaces in collapsed structures and assist in location and rescue operations.

ReWalk: The ReWalk approach aims to give persons with lower limb disabilities, such as paraplegia, an experience that is as close to natural walking as possible.

MinDesktop: A headset that enables computers to be controlled by brainwaves or facial movements. The computer is controlled without a mouse or keyboard by means of a headset that images the user's brainwaves from 14 separate points.

Robot Waiter: Following the exhibit, Prime Minister Netanyahu will introduce the president to young scientists  from Haifa, who won an international robotics competition that was held in the US last year.

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