Israeli researchers grow grapes in winter

Published on Monday, 11 March 2013 by Webmaster

Israeli researchers grow grapes in winter
Agro-Research have developed technology that enables growing grape vines – even in winter time – at affordable prices.

Grape season usually starts at May and lasts all through summer. Therefore, people who wish to enjoy grapes in winter, are forced to settle with fruit that were stored and refrigerated – and pay dearly for them.

For several years now, R&D workers from Ramat Negev have been developing agro-techniques and technologies where vines are “forces” into fruition in winter months. The relatively chill autumn weather in the region is a benefit, since it chills the vines.

During the experiment, researchers removed the vine’s branches earlier than usual, in September-October, and afterwards covered the vines with plastic to simulate hotter weather. The results were promising, with top quality sweet luscious grapes growing in winter.

Following the success of the experiment, Ramat Negev R&D is planning a more extensive experiment in large greenhouses, with the aim of providing fresh and sweet grapes in winter. Researchers at Ramat Negev hope that soon, fresh, affordable grapes will be available in winter.

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