Israeli iPhone app for collaborative photo collages

Published on Thursday, 18 April 2013 by Webmaster

Israeli iPhone app for collaborative photo collages
Snap a picture with your iPhone. Then upload it to a split template via the new Israeli mobile app Pixplit and invite friends to add related photos to the open areas. Voila, a finished composite.

“There are almost 13,000 photo apps on the App Store but ours is the only one that lets you collaborate with others in a visual dialogue,” says Pixplit co-founder Yovav (Jay) Meydad. “A photo typically has one area of content, while on Pixplit it’s divided into two to four parts.” 

One example he recently showed visiting journalists was a three-part image on the theme of underground trains. The originator uploaded a picture of the London Underground. A friend added a shot of New York City's subway, and a friend of that friend completed the split with a photo of the Milan Metro.

"People are becoming architects and blending all kinds of images, like the Dizengoff Tower in Tel Aviv with one of New York's skyscrapers, and applying a filter to build something really cool," says Meydad.

The free app, run on Google Cloud Storage, is a social network complete with user profiles and the ability for friends to follow each other. "We have a feed showing all the completed splits," says Meydad.

"I can comment and 'like' just like on Instagram. But we're different because we have a 'playground' where I see the splits that have at least one open slot waiting to be populated. I can join with the tap of a button: Snap photo, add filter, upload. All followers will now see the completed split in their feed and they can interact with me around it."

Pixplit's founders started development in May 2012, attracted angel funding and officially opened on October 17 when the company was named best new startup at StartTWS startup launch competition in Tel Aviv.

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