Israeli apps that help people stay healthy

Published on Wednesday, 05 December 2012 by Webmaster

Israeli apps that help people stay healthy
In the business and consumer world, device convergence — whereby music players, cameras, and other devices are merged into a smartphone — has been going on for some time now. Now, designers of medical devices have discovered smartphones, and they, too, are beginning to converge health care with the always-on, GPS-enabled and networked capabilities of smartphones to help keep people healthier — and keep medical insurance prices down.

The apps can be used to monitor weight, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol levels, glucose levels, and other information that indicate a user's health. The data can be used to develop a fitness profile for users, enabling doctors to tailor a health program specifically for them. Sensors that communicate with smartphones can read what is going on inside the body and upload it to an individual's online medical file; and the doctors can access the files to get a full picture of the progress patients are making in getting healthier. The collected data can even be used to prevent medical emergencies, with an alarm going off at an emergency rescue service, indicating that the patient needs immediate care.

Israel has been in the forefront of developing connected medical devices, which use sensors connected to devices such as glucose meters to read blood-sugar levels and upload the data to care practitioners. So it stands to reason that Israel would be at the forefront of the movement to use smartphones to keep track of, and upload, recorded data.

And, indeed, a number of Israeli start-ups have developed innovative applications in this area. Some of those apps and technologies will be on display this week at the annual ICI (Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions) event in Tel Aviv. Along with presentations by leading cardiologists and medical officials from the world's leading hospitals, health maintenance organizations, and insurance companies on innovations in heart health, this year's event will feature several panel discussions on digital/connected health, with presentations by a number of Israeli start-ups.

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