Israel leading force in digital health apps

Published on Wednesday, 16 January 2013 by Webmaster

Israel leading force in digital health apps
The Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions (ICI) conference held annually in Tel Aviv since 1995, brought together leading international cardiologists, innovators, biomedical engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and a number of Israeli startups to discuss and present digital innovations in heart health.

Among the Israeli startups were Healarium, Aerotel, and Dario, all of which are apps that use smartphones as platforms to monitor health conditions.

Healarium provides a platform for self-monitoring, which assists people in a number of ways. Throughout the day, people can access their health information, view their health status, and follow their health plans wherever and whenever they may need it, right on their iPhone or Android.

Similarly, the Israeli company Aerotel, which is a leading global supplier of advanced remote monitoring solutions for telehealth and telecare, offers innovative solutions that transmit health and lifestyle related data via various forms of media.

Its MobileCliniQ Application for Android-based smartphones, PCs, or tablets, transforms each device into a personal telehealth hub.

Aerotel, which has a client base of more than 50 countries around the globe, developed the Mobile-CliniQ Android app as a means to hook up with other medical equipment or sensors which trasnmits information on a patient's health parameters such as blood pressure, blood glucose level and weight to doctors and hospitals.

Finally, the Israeli Labstyle Innovation's Dario enable diabetics to measure their glucose levels using their smartphones by connecting a glucose test strip to a smartphone with a lancing device.The app reads and records the information from the strip, and alerts the user if he or she needs an insulin injection, as well as providing blood sugar pattern information to the patient's doctors.

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