Google's Tel Aviv offices are spectacular by design

Published on Monday, 11 February 2013 by Webmaster

Google's Tel Aviv offices are spectacular by design
Designed by Camenzind Evolution with input from local design firms Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal, Google's new offices in Tel Aviv are so darn cool it hardly seems fair. And yet, like most of the corporation's biggest offices in cities around the globe, they were designed with some sense of sustainability in mind.

With incredible views of the city, the space is set primed for not only giving employees the right tools for work, but also those for inspiration and creativity. 

Already one of the "greenest" towers in Tel Aviv, the Electra was constructed with non-toxic materials, has facilities that permit grey water recycling and partially relies on renewables to cover its reduced energy requirement.

Each floor is designed to correspond with some aspect of Israel's multihued identity, be it the cafe culture, its vibrant markets or the laid back beach scene. And work, somehow, does get done despite the casual environment.

Unconventional spaces are set aside for brainstorming and creative collaboration, while more traditional desk space is used for dedicated, individual work time.

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