Archaeological archive of Israel being scanned and placed online

Published on Thursday, 17 January 2013 by Webmaster

Archaeological archive of Israel being scanned and placed online
The archaeological archive of Israel, which is administered by the Israel Antiquities Authority and amasses data on all of the activity of the archeological entities in the country, is being computerized and will go online in the coming days. This is being underwritten with joint funding provided by the Landmarks heritage program in the Prime Minister's Office and the Israel Antiquities Authority. 

The first stage, containing tens of thousands of documents, photographs, maps and plans from the years 1919-1948 from Akko and Jerusalem, is already available for viewing online. Most of this material was written in English.

According to Israel Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hausner and Reuven Pinsky, director of the heritage project in the Prime Minister's Office: "The Mandatory archive constitutes the principal foundation of archaeological research of the past one hundred years.  This program, as part of the Israel Archives Network project for scanning and digitalization of the material on file in the archives, will make it possible for the public in general and particularly scholars in Israel and abroad to access these resources of knowledge."

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