About Us Israelis - Israel's Major Achievements at 65

Published on Wednesday, 24 April 2013 by Webmaster

About Us Israelis - Israel's Major Achievements at 65
Israelis have become notorious for their country’s geo-political circumstances. Less is known about their great achievements and their contribution to humanity. So, let me try and give you a taste of the latter.
The Jewish People is more than 3000 years old but its nation state is only 65 – a toddler in historic terms. Yet, never in modern history has such a young country achieved so much. We are only humans and we have and continue to disperse our share of mistakes along the timeline; but in the final account of things, it seems that we are doing rather well. In fact, Israelis rated their country in the 14th place, out of 155 countries, in the latest annual “Happiness Report”, conducted by the Earth Institute of Columbia University. We are happier than Brits, Belgians, Germans, Japanese and the French. Surprising, isn’t it? Well, not for us!

The article was written by Dr. Ofer Mazar, an Israeli Diplomat serving in the Consulate General of Israel  in L.A.

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