The Jerusalem Museum for Islamic Art

Published on Wednesday, 02 October 2013 by Webmaster

The Jerusalem Museum for Islamic Art
(Photo is a painting made by painter Fatma Abu Rumi)

Islamic cultural heritage has its home in Israel at the L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem, which features ancient collections along exhibitions of modern Arab-Israeli artists. The museum aims to encourage coexistence between by introducing Islamic art and culture to the Israeli public and to foreign visitors.

In the new Introduction to Islam hall, opened to the public in September 2013, ancient exhibits come to life via innovative video, lighting, and design. The hall displays the various aspects of Islamic art: religious Islamic art as well as Islam’s contribution to human knowledge in science, astronomy, medicine, and more.

One of the museum’s highlights is the "Harari Hoard" - a unique collection of precious, rare, and spectacular silver vessels from the 11th -12th centuries.

The museum is also famous for its display of Sir David Salomon's watches and clock collection comprising more than 180 watches and clocks.

Communicated by The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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