Know Hope's talk organized by the Consulate General of Israel

Published on Wednesday, 14 November 2012 by Webmaster

Know Hope's talk organized by the Consulate General of Israel
Know Hope is a street artist who lives in Tel Aviv and currently has a solo exhibit at Known Gallery. The Consulate of Israel in Los Angeles helped the artist ship his work into the States as well as organized a wonderful talk for him that occurred on Monday night. Attendees were of all ages and nationalities and it was quite a blissful vibe, since everyone was there because they wanted to hear more about the work directly from the artist, rather than simply being part of a scene.

He talked about the various themes present in his latest series, like white flags and the evolution of his signature character, which has developed longer limbs and a heart over time. And I'd say the tone of the room was comfortably serious, since the whole concept of the installation is a very deep one to the artist and he was able to describe it clearly and precisely using language we could all understand.

Street art is not as widespread in Israel as it is in America or the UK. In fact, after being asked how many shops there were for things like Montana Spray Cans, Know Hope replied "one".

"The Weight" by Know Hope is on view at Known Gallery  until November 24th, 2012.

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