Israel’s population surpasses 8 million on eve of Jewish New Year

Published on Wednesday, 04 September 2013 by Webmaster

Israel’s population surpasses 8 million on eve of Jewish New Year
Israel’s population reaches more than 8 million, according to statistics released by the Central Bureau of Statistics on the eve of Rosh Hashanah 5774, the Jewish New Year which begins Wednesday evening.  

This represents a growth of some 142,000 inhabitants since last year or 1.8 percent.

Of the 8.081 million people, approximately 6.066 million of them are Jews (or 75.1 %), 1.67 million Arabs (Muslim, Cristian, Druze and Bedouin) (or 20,7%) and some 345,000 (or 4,2 %) are defined as "other" (Christians but not Arabs or other religions). The Jewish population of the state has increased ninefold since the establishment of Israel in 1948.

The report noted that the results do not include some 202,000 non-citizens who are registered to live in Israel.

During the year, approximately 160,749 new babies were born, around 40,000 deaths were recorded.

The new babies were 82,437 boys and 78,312 girls. The most popular names were Itay, Daniel, Ori, Yosef, and Noam for boys; Noa, Shira, Tamar, Talia and Yael for girls.

Israel welcomed 22,988 new immigrants and returning citizens, with three times as many new immigrants than returning citizens. 

Immigration Absorption Minister Sofa Landver said that "the Immigration Absorption Ministry has made it a priority to increase, as much as possible, the number of new immigrants and the number of returning citizens, because immigration is a national mission and it is the future of the State of Israel. I wish all of us a new year of fruitful and thriving immigration absorption."

About 65,000 marriages were recorded over the last year, according to the Interior Ministry, and 15,000 couples registered for divorce.

Israeli citizens registered almost 4.5 million departures from the country, and more than 5 million foreign nationals visited Israel over the last year.

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