Israeli fashion designer creates a green fashion manufacturing industry

Published on Tuesday, 12 November 2013 by Webmaster

Israeli fashion designer creates a green fashion manufacturing industry
Revoterial ( is a green material development company based in Los Angeles, CA founded by Yotam Solomon in 2012. Revoterial develops eco-friendly products and services for fashion technology, based on sustainable and renewable concepts. Revoterial's core objective is to promote clean manufacturing while replacing the outdated toxic system that has negatively affected millions of people and our environment. The patent portfolio reduces health risk management by fusing regional manufacturing and sustainable practice while providing a cost and quality advantage to our customers, partners, and distributors.

Material development company Revoterial LLC has officially joined the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI). Revoterial has been officially accepted into the incubator that was created by the city of Los Angeles to accelerate development of clean-tech companies in the city. The Los Angeles region is already the largest green economy in the nation. There is an unprecedented economic opportunity as the country rebuilds its energy and transportation infrastructure, shifting energy dependence away from fossil fuels and toward sustainable energy sources.

LACI and Revoterial are initiating work that will push Los Angeles factories into the future of clean manufacturing. Revoterial is currently working on research and development projects with US based universities and companies to create integration technology for international standards. Revoterial's main goal is to replace outdated petroleum based and carcinogenic materials with fully natural and sustainable materials that will revolutionize the fashion industry as we know it today.

Yotam Solomon, founder of Revoterial, is spearheading the development of fully renewable and sustainable material technologies for fashion manufacturing that will enable local manufactures to bring jobs back to Los Angeles and revive this local industry. "We don't have a stable industry because we only assemble, and we can only assemble with the outdated technology standards used" –Yotam Solomon

The fashion manufacturing industry is subject to a myriad of changes from regulatory, to price inefficiency, and rising costs. Revoterial will change the market forever by creating eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for international integration. Revoterial is developing services and material solutions for raw materials, processing, finishing, and new innovation of the entire production assembly line. These will bring jobs back to Los Angeles and the US, reduce health risk management issues, simplify operations, and offer full compliance with the upcoming and imminent environmental regulations.

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