Consulate General of Israel participates in panel on Making the World a Better Place

Published on Wednesday, 22 May 2013 by Webmaster

Consulate General of Israel participates in panel on Making the World a Better Place
Deputy Consul General of Israel Dr. Uri Resnick joined (May 21, 2013) Consul General of Switzerland Mr. Bruno Ryff, Deputy Consul General of Azerbaijan Mr. Ramil Gurbanov and Director of the UCI Center for Unconventional Security, Professor Richard Matthew, in exploring issues of energy security, water security and rapid global environmental, technological and social developments.

The conference, organized jointly by Anteaters for Israel and the UCI Azerbaijani Student Association, was devoted to analyzing and discussing the different countries' perspectives with regard to leading environmental issues.

Deputy Consul General Resnick presented Israel's unique achievements in the field of water management and technology, as the country with the highest water-recycling rate in the world (>80%), the world's largest and most advanced reverse osmosis desalination plants, and pioneering irrigation technology industries. Israel's achievements in the field of water technology attract global interest in its flagship Water Technology Conference WATEC. Also stressed were Israel's regional cooperation in the field of water, both with Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, both of which receive many millions of cubic meters of water each year from Israel. Israel's path-breaking efforts to contribute to the international normative architecture concerning sustainable development at the United Nations were also discussed, with regard to the two resolutions which it has led in the United Nations General Assembly, "Agricultural Technology for Development" and "Entrepreneurialism for Development". Israel's intensive work on the ground through its international development agency MASHAV, breathing life into the principles articulated in the above resolutions, was presented, showcasing innovative irrigation projects in sub-Saharan African, such as the TIPA project in Senegal.

The themes that were discussed underscored the deep friendship and collaboration that exist between Israel and Azerbaijan which stand as an exceptional model of international cooperation, with important lessons both for the Middle Eastern region and for the world. Switzerland's long-standing role as a key partner for advancing international cooperation in numerous fields too was emphasized. Such cooperation will be vital to global efforts to ensure sustainable development and to cope with the daunting environmental challenges which the world faces in the Twenty First Century.

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