Anthony Bourdain’s food tourism show take viewers to Jerusalem

Published on Tuesday, 17 September 2013 by Webmaster

Anthony Bourdain’s food tourism show take viewers to Jerusalem
World-renowned chef, best-selling author and Emmy-winning television personality Anthony Bourdain returns for the second season of CNN's showcase for coverage of food and travel. "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" is shot entirely on location, Bourdain's first stop: Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

Israel exists as an intersection of three major religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, creating a complex blend of cuisines.

In the Season 2 premiere of "Parts Unknown," Anthony Bourdain visits Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip for the very first time. "The most contentious piece of real estate in the world," he calls it, citing its 4,000 years of intense political and religious conflict.

In Jerusalem, Bourdain meets up with Yotam Ottolenghi, the chef and owner ofOttolenghi and Nopi restaurants in London, and co-author of the runaway best-selling cookbook, "Jerusalem." Ottolenghi, who is Jewish, wrote the book with Sami Tamimi, a Palestinian chef who grew up on the opposite side of the divided city.

It doesn't take long for Bourdain to discover that even the roots of certain foods are fiercely debated.

"So is there a historically provable answer to who invented it?" Bourdain asks at a stand in Jerusalem's Old City where workers are frying falafel, deep-fried balls of chickpeas, to order.

"There is actually no answer to this. But, the question of food appropriation or who owns the food is massive here. You can go on arguing about it forever," says Ottolenghi.

Yet, Ottolenghi remains hopeful that "this soup of a city" can work together - starting at the table.

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