A New Book by an Israeli Diplomat in L.A

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A New Book by an Israeli Diplomat in L.A
Lucifer’s Sketchbook is the five-decade-long autobiography of Jennifer Svensen, a troubled child who turns into an angry teenager, provocative and controversial supermodel, and glamorous fashion house owner and designer. She battles lost love, guilt, and remorse due to a regretful past, as she struggles to navigate her life onto safer paths.

Jennifer was born in Norway in 1966 to an acclaimed international supermodel and a mediocre musician. The result of a one night stand, her parents tie the knot in an attempt to save face, but soon discover that family and the local media are unforgiving. They escape to America.

Raised in Beverly Hills by jet-setter parents and deprived of parental love and attention, Jennifer is angry at the world. This strikingly beautiful, reckless soul is in constant search for love and adrenaline intoxication. Smart and constantly battling an aching conscience, she keeps trying to win the man she loves by hurting herself and everyone around her.

This provocative novel explores young love taken to a new level. It offers a glimpse into the American fashion scene that few will ever experience except through the pages of the tabloids.

Dr. Ofer Mazar is a career diplomat. He served as Israel’s consul to Thailand, Norway, and Italy, and currently serves at the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles. He lives with his family in Beverly Hills. This is his third novel published in the U.S. His other two are Fate’s Open Arms and Fate’s Perfect Justice.

For more information about Ofer's books go to either: http://ofermazar.wordpress.com/fates-grand-design/ or http://sbpra.com/ofermazar/

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