Art Exhibition: I Am Writing You Tomorrow: Artist talk

Event Start Saturday, 29 March 2014

Art Exhibition: I Am Writing You Tomorrow: Artist talk
The USC Pacific Museum
March 28 through August 24, 2014
Artist talk on March 29 at 2:00pm

The USC Pacific Asia Museum has presented a year-long series of exhibitions featuring contemporary perspectives on visual art from different Asian countries: Japan, Korea and Pakistan. I Am Writing You Tomorrow, which concludes the series, introduces Israel-based multimedia artist Penny Hes Yassour. In this installation, assisted by Simcha Moyal from Israeli visual Arts Inc., Yassour pays homage to Chinese ink painting and calligraphy: polymorphous networks formed by the artist's spontaneous hand gestures recall the kinesthetic and gestural brush strokes found in traditional Chinese art. Her work, embedded with unreadable words, explores the boundaries between word and image and challenges viewers to consider how meaning is constructed and conveyed in visual art. The vertically-hung installation with continuously shifting shadows also evokes landscape, exploring the complex cultural issues of geography and our perception of topography.
USC Pacific Asia Museum