Office of the Consul General

The Senior Representative of the State of Israel in the Southwest United States.

Phone: 323-852-5500

Office of the Deputy Consul General

Among other issues, in charge of contacts with other foreign missions in our jurisdiction, handles community affairs and projects of mutual interest in various fields with U.S. authorities.
Phone: 323-852-5500

Culture, Media and Public Diplomacy

The Public Diplomacy Department covers a wide range of key areas as it seeks to engage and inform the public-at-large.  The Department’s mission is  to reach out and connect with several key constituencies such as; local communities and civic leaders, cultural institutions and artists, the entertainment industry, universities and more.  The Department also initiates regional programming in a variety of  areas ranging from high tech advancements to the culinary arts.  It also oversees the Speaker’s Bureau, Media and Press Relations, Materials and Information and Social Media Engagement. 
Phone: 323-852-5523


In charge of daily management and maintenance of the Consulate as well as managing its Human Resources.
Phone: 323-852-5516

Consular Services

In charge of providing Consular Services to the General Public.
Phone: 323-852-5500

Returning Citizens

In charge of maintaining relations with the Israeli citizens, residing in the Southwest U.S.
Phone: 323-852-5527

Ministry of Defense

Among other issues, in charge of providing services and care to bereaved families resident in Southwest U.S. and constitutes the long arm of the Ministry of Defense's Rehabilitation Wing.
Phone: 323-852-5577
Fax 323-658-6537

Ministry of Justice

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Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor

Entrusted with enhancing economic ties between Israel and the Southwest U.S.
Phone: 323-658-7924

Ministry of Tourism

Entrusted with tourism relations and PR for the State of Israel.
Phone: 323-658-7465

Israeli Police & Public Security

Phone: 323-944-0162
Fax: 323-944-0650